Shame. For lasting change.

How Shamge Works

Shamge is the smart way to get your good-for-nothing, feckless, incompetent young people to work.

We start with your complaining ungrateful workforce
Seriously, what is the deal with Millennials anyway?
We teach you how to Shamge
You can trust our superior trainers to fix your team.
You profit while your hipsters work
Those entitled children got what was coming to them.

I still don't understand

Maybe if you were paying attention, we wouldn't have to explain it again.

Get your People to Work
Our methodologies teach your team to execute and stop taking so many coffee breaks. Sadly, you were unable to fix them without paid instruction.
Shift Employee Behavior
Eradicate bad behaviors and unwanted tendencies. Their parents did a poor job raising them and now it's time for you to pick up the slack.
Proof is in the Pictures
Weekly data updates in our online portal. Honestly, you only make decisions based on pictures anyway. Reading is super hard.
Simple Implementation
A culture of Shamge starts at the top. Begin shaming your executive and management teams and the change will trickle down immediately.


We've been doing this for years.
- Dean Baquet

[Shamge] has been suprisingly effective. This is much better than our previous meritocracy solution.
- Chris Wanstrath

I felt good about myself until today.
- Peter Sagal

I have never seen my team so motivated. It’s been eye opening.
- Keith Burdette

Your Sherpas for Shamge

Vanessa Garber

Co-Founder & VP of Shame

The inspiration behind the Shamge technique, Vanessa developed the methodology over a decade ago in support of personal goals. She travels the world to champion the philosophy of Shamge.

Chad Cuddigan

Co-Founder & VP of Change

With over 30 years of experience with Midwestern guilt, Chad has overcome all shameful faux pas and is now a master practitioner of Shamge. He shares his experience to empower others.

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